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Pentair IntelliTouch i9+3S Personality Kit 9 Relays, Unique Circuit for Single Body of Water - 520508

by Pentair
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Product Description

This is the Pentair IntelliTouch i9+3S Personality Kit 9 Relays, Unique Circuit for Single Body of Water 520508 is a Personality Kit for Pools and Spa only. The i9+3S is designed for the typical stand-alone pool or spa that does not share its equipment. Each unit controls the filter pump plus auxiliary circuits. The system is also offered in a wireless version which greatly simplifies installation and offers another level of versatility.

An IntelliTouch control system takes the work and worry out of scheduling and operating pool and spa heating, filtration and cleaning cycles. It also gives you one-touch control over additional heaters, valves, pool lights, landscape lights, water features and more. At the same time, IntelliTouch makes sure all your equipment operates at peak efficiency for minimum energy usage and cost. It even helps protect your equipment investment. IntelliTouch senses conditions that could hamper operation and alerts you to these situations or takes automatic corrective action.

The capabilities of IntelliTouch are easily expanded as you continue to add features to your backyard retreat. Expansion kits add control over five or ten additional accessories. Up to three expansion kits can be combined to control up to 40 separate pieces of equipment.

Each Personality Kit provides complete pool and spa controls that are fully programmable with temperature control and display. Every circuit has a countdown timer, ability to do one-time-use programs, salt generation interface for popular salt chlorinators, spectacular colored pool/spa lighting effects, along with solar control capabilities.

In addition, there are various options available including light dimming, smart home interface, spa-side remote switches, valve actuators for water flow control, additional indoor wired or wireless user interface control panels, and even telephone remote control.


  • Swimming Pool and Spas


  • Filter pump control
  • Pool/spa control of two motorized valves
  • Digital thermostatic heater control
  • Eight auxiliary control circuits
  • Auxiliary valve 1 control circuit for motorized valve
  • Auxiliary valve 2 control circuit for motorized valve
  • Valve control from auxiliary circuit or solar
  • Valve control from auxiliary circuit
  • 24-hour/7 day programming of any circuit
  • Count-down timer (egg timer) of any circuit
  • SAm/SAL color-changing light sync control
  • LCD brightness/contrast adjustment
  • L.E.D. indicators with four brightness levels
  • Swimming color/color-set SAm/SAL light control

The IntelliTouch i9+3S Includes:

  • Outdoor control panel (fits in load center)
  • Temperature sensors
  • Extra 3 HP relays as needed to complete the system.