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Hot Pod Floating Spa for your Pool

by Cantar
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Product Description

»» Description:



Wouldn’t it be awesome to combine the cool fun of a pool with the relaxing hydro therapy of a spa? Well now you can with Hot Pod™. The secret to Hot Pod™ is that it takes hot water from your pool heater and pumps it through six hydro-engineered jets. Inside the spa it’s warm, bubbly, and incredibly relaxing. Meanwhile, the rest of your pool stays cool and refreshing. Hot Pod™ works in both in-ground and above-ground pools that are equipped with heaters.

Hot Pod™ will fit any existing in-ground or above-ground pool and sets up in 15 minutes. Simply put Hot Pod™ in your pool, connect the adapters to your pool’s inlet and return, and turn on your heater. The unit floats in your pool and begins to heat up immediately. Hot Pod™ is constructed of heavy duty nylon, so it will last years and years. The unit comes complete with hoses and adapters.

Put a floating spa in your pool and have a blast with the amazing HOT POD™.

»» Application:

  • Swimming Pools

»» Features:

  • Our favorite product of the year.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Turn on your heater and connect it to your pools side jet and it will shoot your hot pool water into the hotpot continually.
  • Why heat your whole pool - heat up your hot pod quickly and save money!


»» Product Notes / Warranty / Manufactures Website:

HOT POD™ Specifications and Requirements:



56" w x 56" h x 33" d

Weight: 25 lbs.

Seating capacity: 4 adults

Max weight capacity: 600 lbs

Water capacity: 450 gal.


Heavy-duty nylon Mesh reinforcement

Approximate heating time: 40 min @ 130,000 BTU

Minimum heating requirement: 55,000 BTU

HOT POD™ Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Hot Pod™ warmer than my pool?

Yes! Since almost 100% of your heated pool water is diverted to the hotpod, it can be as much as 30°F hotter than your ambient pool water.

Do I need to add additional chemicals or treatments?

No! The Hot Pod™ water regularly exchanges with your treated pool water so that there is always "fresh" pool water flowing into the unit. The ingenious patented control valve allows the Hot Pod™ to achieve spa-like temperature while ensuring continuous filtration and sanitization of your ambient pool water.

Can I leave the Hot Pod™ in my pool overnight?

No! It is best to disconnect the Hot Pod™ and continue normal heating to your pool.

Is it easy to remove the Hot Pod™ from the pool?

Simply remove the two end floatation noodles from the unit, and the Hot Pod™ will easily lift out of the water while the enclosed water slips out.

How do I fill the Hot Pod™?

Simply connect the intake hose and the Hot Pod™ will fill in minutes.



HOT POD™ Installation:


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