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Deck-O-Seal One Step Joint Sealant for Swimming Pools 11 Oz. Cartridge - Tan



Deck-O-Seal One Step Joint Sealant is essential for sealing contraction and expansion joints, preventing uncontrolled cracking and allowing for expansion and contraction of the joints in the swimming pool area. 11 oz. Ready-to-Use Cartridge.

Application: Manual or air-operated caulking guns, putty knife, or trowel


  • - Prevents uncontrolled cracking during temperature changes
  • - Stays flexible – will not crack or become brittle due to UV exposure
  • - Resists abrasion, weathering, moisture pool chemicals
  • - Provides a permanent and uniform watertight seal
  • - Color: Tan

Product Notes/Warranty/Manufacturer’s Website:

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