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Product Description

»» Description:

Bead Track for 33' Round Pool - 48" - 26 Pieces

Convert your overlap lined pool to accept beaded liners with ease. Bead Track attach to the top of the pool wall to create a track where the bead liner snaps into. Bead Track makes installing or replacement your liner easier than ever before. Just hook the Bead Track on the wall and install your top seat over the track. The liner track hangs down just below your top seat allowing you to hook or remove your liner whenever you want with only half the work. Bead Track is 48" long and for the 33' round pool with 26 Pieces.

»» Application:

  • Above-ground pools

»» Features:

  • Attach to the top of the pool wall
  • Just snap out the old liner and snap in the new one!
  • Easy to install
  • Bead Track 48"
  • 33' Round Pool
  • 26 Pieces