Sta-Rite In-ground Mod Media Cartridge Filter - 450 Sq Ft

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»» Description:

Sta-Rite's Mod Media Above-Ground 450 sq. ft. Cartridge Filter combined the powerful filtering capabilities of a cartridge filter with the low-maintenance of a sand filter. Specially designed Mod Media™ cartridges will filter particles 3 times smaller than sand and require only a simple cleaning about 2 times per season. Now you can have a low maintenance of a sand with the outstanding water clarity of a cartridge filter.

This system comes with a high-tech tank that is compact and build of tough Dura-Glas® composite to withstand weather and corrosion. It is backed by a 1-Year Warranty. The tank is also designed around easy access with its easy-open "posi" ring closure that allows rinse-in-place cleaning of the mod Media™ cartridge. You can wash and rinse your Mod Media™ cartridge without even removing them!

The Mod Media™'s filter is specially designed to handle 15 times more dirt than an equivalent sand or cartridge filter. It can handle so much dirt and continue to operate efficiently, that you will only have to rinse the cartridges once or twice per season. Plus, Mod Media™ cartridge last for many seasons, eliminating the hassle of replacing sand every other year.

»» Application:

  • In-ground Swimming Pools

»» Features:

  • Easy Access with easy-open "posi" ring.

  • Easy Cleaning - rinse-in-place cleaning.

  • Clean only 2 times per season!

  • Filter particles up to 3 times smaller than a sand filter!

  • 1-Year Warranty - Corrosion-resistant, one-piece polyethylene tank ensures long service life.

»» Product Notes / Warranty / Manufactures Website:

1 Year Warranty on Filter Tank

Click Here- for the manufactures website.

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