Sta-Rite SM Series System 3 450 sq ft. Modular Media Filter - S8M150

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System 3 Modular Media filters from Sta-Rite handle 2-3 times more dirt than other filters to deliver maintenance free performance for up to a full season. Featuring perfectly balanced flow and an integral manifold design, these filters are engineered to deliver the ultimate in labor savings. System 3 Modular Media filters are ideal for in-ground pools, in-ground hot tubs and water features.

Water flows very efficiently through the System 3 Modular Media cartridge filters, often allowing the use of smaller pumps or lower pump speeds to minimize energy use. And when you rinse cartridges rather than backwash, you can significantly reduce water use, too.

Based on extensive research in filtration and media science by Sta-Rite, System 3 Modular Media filters make Ultra-Capacity Filtration a reality. Unlike conventional cartridges, these filters combine a patented balanced-flow and integral manifold design, plus an easily cleaned media element. Modular filter tanks permit quick change of filter media. The result is a filter system that not only requires less frequent cleaning, but is also easy to clean. The System 3 Modular Media filter is constructed of Dura-Glas high-density composite resin to weather the elements for long, dependable life. And its sleek, contemporary appearance and matte black finish look attractive in any pool setting.


  • 450 Square Foot Effective Filtration Area
  • 124 Gallon Per Minute Flow Rate
  • 2" Port
  • Typical Installation In-ground pools, in-ground hot tubs, and water features
  • Quality Construction Durable two-piece tank housing constructed of Dura-Glas, Sta-Rite's industry leading glass-reinforced composite resin
  • Safe Posi-Lok clamps provide safe, easy access to tank internals
  • Innovative Design The innovative balanced flow design first introduced with the System:3 Modular Media is still the standard of the industry.
  • Low Maintenance Complete media coverage combined with shallow pleats means greater dirt holding capabilities, resulting in longer filter cycles and less cleaning
  • Quick Service The shallow pleat design allows you to simply hose off the elements in a matter of minutes, making servicing a snap
  • Dual Drain Plugs Side plug available for plumbing to waste, while the bottom plug will drain entire filter
  • Balanced-flow tank hydraulics direct water through each side of the filter module for uniform dirt loading, no clogging, and long, unattended operation.
  • Complete media coverage combined with shallow pleats for greater dirt holding capacities, longer filter cycles and less cleaning.
  • Shallow pleat design also permits quick and thorough cleaning just rinse the module with a hose.
  • NSF Listed
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