Eco-Matic Chlorine Generator ESC-MAX - M4920USA

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This (Eco-Matic Chlorine Generator ESC-MAX) is a high output system with reverse polarity cells that is applicable for large, residential or commercial pools. This robust system ensures 24 hour operation with the greatest value of results. It is conditioned to perform at the top of its class and features state of the art sanitizing technology.

Enjoy effective disinfection all day long and all year round, effectively eliminating bacteria, algae, and chloromines. The ECO-matic ESC Max produces mildly salted water which is pleasant for swimmers resulting in no more red eyes, dry itchy skin or smelly swimwear.


  • Sanitized salt water chlorination
  • Robust power supply and cabinet for long service life and heavy duty applications
  • User friendly controls for simple setup and operation
  • Large, high flow rate cell to handle a higher water flow rate
  • LED indicators to display cell production, ""Low Salt,"" and ""No Flow.""
  • Reliable and dependable design for your peace of mind
  • No need to store and handle pool chemicals.
  • Mildly salty water that is soft and gentle on skin, as well as therapeutic and beneficial for the body.
  • Will eliminate the need to continually purchase expensive chlorine chemicals.
  • Uses salt which is more affordable and readily available.
  • Sanitizing is automatic and will eliminate manual chemical dosing.

Maximum Pool Size:

  • Cool Climate: 211,000 Gallons
  • Temperate Climate: 145,000 Gallons
  • Hot Climate: 129,000 Gallons


  • Output of 2.64 Pounds of chlorine per day (50 Grams per Hour)
  • Input Voltage (ac): 220-240V
  • Supply Frequency Phase: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Max Input Current: 2.5 Amps
  • Power Consumption (at 230V): 0.57 kW
  • Output to Cell (DC):26-28V / 9A
  • Ideal Salt Range: 4,500 - 7,000 ppm
  • Cooling: Fan and Heat Sink
  • Electrolytic Cell Type: Coated Titanium - Reverse Polarity
  • Minimum Flow: 170 L/m
  • Maximum Water Temp (In Cell): 65 Degrees Celsius
  • Number of Electrodes: 7
  • Pipe Connections: 80mm/3"" or 50mm/2"" with adapters


  • Power Supply: Height: 15.7"", Width: 14.6"", Depth: 8.5"", Mounting Holes: 4 Holes at 10.6"" W x 12.8"" H
  • Cell Housing: Height: 8.1"", Width: 16.3"", Depth: 4.9"", Inlet/Outlet: 3.5 Actual I.D., Plumbing Holes: 11 3/4"" (from center to center)
    Note: Be sure that the cell plate surfaces are completely immersed, otherwise damage will occur and reduced cell life will result.
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