Ultra 15x26 Oval and 15x30 Oval Mod Media Equipment Package for Above Ground Pools

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Ultra 15x26 Oval and 15x30 Oval Mod Media Equipment Package for Above Ground Pools

The Ultra 15x26 Oval and 15x30 Oval Mod Media Equipment Package for Above Ground Pools combine the powerful filtering capabilities of a cartridge filter with the low-maintenance of a sand filter. Specially designed Mod Media™ cartridges will filter particles 3 times smaller than sand and require only a simple cleaning about 2 times per season. Now you can have the low maintenance of sand with the outstanding water clarity of a cartridge filter.

This system comes with a high-tech tank that is compact and built of tough Dura-Glas® composite to withstand weather and corrosion. It is backed by a 10-Year Warranty. The tank is also designed around easy access with its easy-open “posi” ring closure that allows rinse-in-place cleaning of the Mod Media™ cartridges. You can wash and rinse your Mod Media™ cartridges without even removing them!

The Mod Media™’s filter is specially designed to handle 15 times more dirt than an equivalent sand or cartridge filter. It can handle so much dirt and continue to operate efficiently, that you will only have to rinse the cartridges once or twice per season. Plus, Mod Media™ cartridges last for many seasons, eliminating the hassle of replacing sand every other year.

Driven by our powerful and efficient Sta-Rite® pumps, the system produces optimal turnover rates. In fact, the system is so efficient you can run it less, saving you money on energy costs. The system comes complete with pump, filter, base, and hose connections. Invest in the premium Mod Media™ system this season for unsurpassed water quality and low, low maintenance.

Package Includes A 7 Piece Maintenance Kit Click here for details

Premium Wedding Cake Step This rugged high quality step combines easy function with good looks! Durable slip-resistant polyethylene construction withstands heavy use and the sun’s harmful rays. Unique “wedding cake” design provides a wide angle for entry and exit from the pool. The sturdy handle and graceful curves of this step make it a beautiful addition to any pool. Redesigned in 2005 with a first step ballast container makes installation in the spring and removal in the fall a snap. Simply fill the detachable top step with sand and lock it back into the step. Remove the top step ballast in the fall and step removal is simple. No more underwater dives to pull sandbags from behind the step. The step measures 43” high x 57” wide x 44” deep. 350 lb. capacity. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.

For pools without decks, two optional outside ladder attachments are available. Must be purchased separately. LUMIO-6500 and LUMIO-6800 .

DIRT BLASTER DirtBlaster™ will clean any above ground pool regardless of shape or depth. With only one moving part, it will remove dirt, twigs, leaves and debris from your pool. It will free you from the chore of vacuuming! Since there is only one moving part, DirtBlaster™ will give you years of maintenance free operation. Simply plug the unit’s hose into your skimmer and DirtBlaster™ effortlessly cleans your pool. The unit is quick and easy to install and comes complete with 30’ of hose. Backed by a 1 year warranty. End the drudgery of vacuuming this season with DirtBlaster™ at this great price.

WINTER COVER This quality winter cover features heavy duty woven polyethylene and heat sealed seams ensure that no dirt and debris enter your pool over the winter. Double-stitched seams, a vinyl-coated cable around the perimeter, and all-weather aluminum grommets with tighter ensure the cover stays put in windy conditions. Comes with a 4’ overlap and a black underside to retard algae growth. Navy 8-Year Warranty (8 x 8 inner scrim) fabric.

Solar Blanket This durable above-ground solar blankets can warm your pool this year by up to 15°F. Made to give you maximum heating properties combined with long life. 8-mil blankets are loaded with thermal bubbles that retain heat at night and on cool cloudy days. Transparent blue color allows for maximum amount of solar rays to reach your pool for optimal heating. All blankets are U.V.-protected so they last under the most intense sunlight. Built to last and backed by a 3 Year Warranty!

»» Application:

  • Summer Swimming Pool Supplies

»» Features:

  • Features Sta-Rite® Mod Media Filter with 1-1/2 hp Pump
  • Includes maintenance kit, DirtBlaster™ automatic cleaner
  • Solar blanket and winter cover
  • Premium Wedding Cake Step

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