SeaKlear 2 Pounds Yellow Klear Algae Control - 90525SKR

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SeaKlear 2 Pounds Yellow Klear Algae Control 90525SKR is a dry powder algaecide formula that removes yellow and green algae from your pool. Yellow Klear uses chlorine to get rid of algae without affecting your pool pH and won't leave any residues or stains. It dissolves quickly and is safe to use with chlorine, bromine, and ozone sanitizers. It also works well in plaster, vinyl, and fiberglass pools. It's easy to use too! Simply brush the affected area in your pool with a brush and add a capful (4 ounces) of the powder to your pool. Use two capfuls for severe cases. Combine it with a pool shock and it will immediately start cleaning your pool. Use it once a week for the best results. Yellow Klear will clear your pool of all algae so you can enjoy your pool all season long.


  • For use to control and prevent algae growth and to maintain clear water in swimming pools
  • Sodium Bromide formula
  • Algae treatment solution to remove visible algae accumulations
  • Effective against yellow and green algae
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Add 4-ounce per 10000-gallon of pool water, close to the affected areas
  • For severe accumulations, add 8-ounce per 10000-gallon
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