Sea-Klear 4-in-1 Pool Water Clarifier -1 Quart

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Sea-Klear 4-in-1 Pool Water Clarifier -1 Quart

Sea-Klear 4-in-1 Pool Water Clarifier is a completely natural, biodegradable formula. It traps the organic debris that clouds your water and carries it to the filter. Excess oils are pulled out of the water, preventing them from forming scum at the water line. Regular use keeps your filter running efficiently and reduces the need for pH adjusters, algaecides and shock treatments. One ounce treats 5,000 gallons.

»» Application:

  • Pools/Spas

»» Features:

  • Traps metals before they can stain your pool surface
  • Completely natural, biodegradable formula
  • Dosage- 1 ounce treats 5,000 gallons

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