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Del Ozone AOP 25 - Ozone + UV - SEC-50-01

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Product Description

Del Ozone AOP 25 - Ozone + UV - SEC-50-01 is a small Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) system that combines the oxidation power of ozone with the germicidal capability of low-pressure UV light to take pool sanitation to a new level. The key to this system is that ozone and UV interact to generate hydroxyl free radicals, the most powerful disinfectant for water treatment that is safe for humans.

The AOP 25 provides the benefits of both technologies plus the Advanced Oxidation Process for optimal water clarity and increased removal of contaminants in pool water. This innovative advanced sanitation system creates a synergy that injects higher disinfection potential into the pool water than the ozone and UV components can do independently.

The definition of AOP is that a chemical reaction is initiated that generates hydroxyl free radicals (OH). The OH is a highly unstable and unselective oxidizer: it instantly interacts with organic and inorganic substances to break them down. This instantaneous disinfection process removes all contaminants from pool water with no harmful byproducts. It's the hydroxyl free radicals that make this small AOP system the most potent pool sanitation agent or process on the market.

AOP systems are typically much larger and are used for industrial or municipal water treatment. But with DEL Ozone's new Advanced Plasma Gap ozone cells and top quality germicidal UV lamps from Trident Ultraviolet, DEL engineers were able to create a small, dependable unit that is designed to work with existing standard residential pool plumbing and mechanicals.


    • Corona Discharge Ozonator and Germicidal UV.
    • For swimming pools up to 25,000 gallons.
    • Safe, Sustainable, Low-Cost Pool Sanitation.
    • Del Ozone Exclusive Plasma Gap Ozone Technology.
    • Integrated Trident Germicidal Ultraviolet Technology.
    • 2" Inlet and Outlet Plumbing with Union Connections.
    • Maximum20 Gallons Per Minute Flow Rate.
    • Wall Mount.
    • Designed for indoor or outdoor installations.
    • 110/240 Volt Operations.
    • UL, cUL Listing Certifications.
    • Germicidal UV Lamp Life of 13,000 Hours.
    • Expectant Ozone Cell Life of 5 years.


    • 11.9" Wide X 16.7" Height X 3.2" Depth


      • Formerly Known as Solar Eclipse
      • Del Ozone SEC-50-01


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