Del UV-C 50 Ozonator - EUV-01-01

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Introducing the UV-C sanitizer system from DEL. The UV-C 50 is a high flow unit designed for easy single-unit installation, reliability and serviceability.

With the use of UV-C microorganisms are destroyed, chloramines are broken down, chlorine dependence is significantly reduced, and water clarity is optimized to produce crystal clear results.

The UV-C 50 lamp emits safe, high intensity light rays tuned to germicidal 254 nanometers. Using natural rays of light, UV-C breaks apart the DNA and RNA of Microorganisms, harmful bacteria, viruses, cysts and protozoa. This inactivates the contaminants to leave water safe and sanitized. UV-C does not create ozone. The highly concentrated electromagnetic energy also destroys organic matter?-like urine and sweat?-?to eliminate the formation of harmful chlorine by-products.


  • Pool UV Sanitizer
  • Destroys harmful contaminants
  • Inactivates Cryptospordium, Giardia and other chlorine resistant Microorganisms
  • Dramatically reduces chemical demand and increases effectiveness of residual sanitizers
  • Eliminates chemical odors, irritation and damage to pool systems


  • Pool Size: Treats pools up to 50,000 gallons
  • Voltage: Universal 120/240 V - Hard Wired
  • Plumbing Ports Location: Inlet/Outlet on Same Side


  • Flow Switch Required for installations where the UV Sanitizer will be installed below the water level. Part # EUV-FS-01
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