Pool Critter Escape Ramp

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Pool Critter Escape Ramp is the perfect thing to use if you have little visitors often. The escape ramp will give frogs, chipmunks, lizards and other small critters a chance to escape your pool, spa or hot tub on their own. Just place one or more around your pool and after a critter falls in, they will bump into the ramp, use it, and escape your pool. This item saves you the nasty task of having to remove critters from your skimmer. Best results will occur if this is used at night with pump and filters off. This ramp features very easy installation and simply requires you to fill the weighted pillow with one scoop of sand or pea gravel. It will then rest on your pool deck or top rail and keep the floating pillow in place.

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»» Features:

Use multiple ramps for pool sizes larger than 15’ x 30’

Can be used in hot tubs, ponds and fountains

Turn off pump and filter at night for best results

Avoid the nasty task of removing critters from your skimmer

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