Jacks Magic Stain Identification Kit

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»» Description:

Jacks Magic Topical Stain Identification Kit. Okay, if you’ve wandered around the site and found that we keep harping on you about using a Stain ID Kit, kudos to you for coming here to learn more about it. We can not stress the importance of this product enough when you are dealing with existing staining. Ready to learn more about it? Read on...

Many stains look alike but are not the same and will not react the same to stain removal chemicals. It is important to remember this... what worked for your neighbor’s brown stain may not work for yours. That’s where the Stain ID Kit comes in... it removes all the guesswork so what you’re left with is a stain removal “system” that actually works - not a bunch of individual products that simply don’t. The Jacks Magic Stain ID Kit is basically a “sample” kit...All you do is try the products directly in a stained area (steps & swimouts work best) and see which product or combination of products works best to remove your stains. There is no need to drain water out of the pool... there’s no need to climb in... the products are heavier than water and will sink to the floor when the pool water is still. When you get the right product (or combination of products), your stain will magically disappear in the test area. Once you’ve determined what you need, you can safely order full sized products to treat the entire pool and relax knowing you’ve finally found something that actually works!

»» Application:

  • For use in determining which is the best of 4 different Jacks Magic product to remove a swimming pool stain

»» Features:

  • The first step in the Jack's Magic stain removal program.
  • This Kit includes 4 different tests which is the best for removing a swimming pool stain, saving both time and money

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