IPS Weld-On 1 Quart Blue 721 Medium-Bodied PVC Cement - 10161

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IPS Weld-On 1 Quart Blue 721 Medium-Bodied PVC Cement 10161 is a blue, low VOC emission, medium-bodied, fast setting, high strength PVC solvent cement for use on rigid PVC pipe and fittings.


Weld-On 721 is suitable for use on rigid PVC with interference fit Sch. 40 thru 6 inch (160 mm) and Sch. 80 thru 4 inch (110 mm). Suitable for use as a one step cement without primer on PVC Sch. 40 and SDR pressure water piping systems through 4 inch (110 mm) in irrigation (golf course, turf and agriculture), pool & spa and non-pressure applications, unless primer is required by local code. If primer is used, care must be taken to allow the joints to properly cure before backfilling. Do not use 721 without primer in any other application, schedule, or size such as Sch. 80 industrial applications. Detailed directions on making solvent cemented joints are printed on the container label. An installation DVD/CD covering solvent cementing is available. It not only describes the basic principles of solvent cementing, but also covers the handling, storage and use of our products. It is highly recommended that the installer review the instructions supplied by the pipe and fitting manufacturer.

NOTE: Weld-On solvent cements must never be used in a PVC system using or being tested by compressed air or gases; including air-over-water booster.

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