Hayward AquaRite Complete Salt System 25,000 Gallons - W3AQR9

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Hayward AquaRite Complete Salt System 25,000 Gallons W3AQR9 (also known as AQR9) generates its own chlorine from a small amount of ordinary table salt that is dissolved in your pool water. A small teaspoon of salt per gallon of pool water is all you need. Fortunately for you, the salt never leaves your pool and is used over and over by the Aqua Rite system to generate chlorine that purifies your water and leaves the pool silky smooth and crystal clear. Aqua Rite is totally automatic and is perfect for fiberglass, plaster, or vinyl.

Aqua Rite will automatically produce and dispense its own fresh chlorine into your pool. Aqua Rite's super chlorination feature will "shock" your pool as needed, and then revert back to normal chlorination after just 24 hours. a digital salt display will allow you to easily monitor your salt levels for optimum efficiency.

Features :

  • Complete Salt System for Pools
  • No more hassles buying, storing, measuring chlorine
  • Digital display of salt level and diagnostic info plus 8 LED status indicators
  • Easy to use dial adjustment to generate more or less chlorine
  • Soft, crystal clear and luxurious water
  • Super chlorinate mode
  • Up to 25,000 Gallons
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