EasyCare 64OZ Algatec - 10064

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The EasyCare 64OZ Algatec 10064 is a multi-task product that provides superior water quality and clarity, easier algae control and prevention, and boosts chlorine effectiveness. Used weekly, it synergizes with all types of chlorine to boost water quality and chlorine effectiveness. It helps increase chlorine residuals in salt pools especially during heavy use periods. Easy Care 64OZ Algatec 10064 also keeps pool water consistently treated, eliminating cleanup products such as algaecides and clarifiers. Overall, it provides for easier, year-round pool maintenance. 4-ounce weekly (per 10,000 gals.) maintains water clean, clear, and algae-free. One bottle will last the average 20,000 gallon pool 2 months. Easy-to-use, just pour in. No waiting, you can swim immediately after treatment. Kills and inhibits the regrowth of green, yellow, and black type of algae(fungi).

EasyCare AlgaTec will quickly and effectively make algae more susceptible for chlorine to sanitize and kill the algae. Comes in a powerful 64 Oz bottle.


  • Will not interfere with pool water pH, or sanitizer levels and can swim immediately after treatment
  • Kills rather than starves algae and prevents algae regrowth due to biostatic
  • inhibitors
  • Kills most algae in 8 to 24 hours; black algae in 7 to 10 days
  • Salt pool friendly Formula contains no metals, bromides, or quats; Works synergistically with chlorine for fast cleanup
  • Super-clarifics pool water during cleanup function
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