Deck-O-Seal 96 Oz Kit Sealant for Horizontal Joints Pour Grade - Grey

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Deck-O-Seal 96 Oz Two-Part Pourable Joint Sealant for Horizontal Joints is essential for sealing contraction and expansion joints, preventing uncontrolled cracking and allowing for expansion and contraction of the joints in the swimming pool area. Deck-O-Seal Joint Sealant comes in a two-component kit containing the proper ratio of base to setting agent.

Application:Used for caulking or sealing horizontal joints subject to concrete movement


  • - Color: Grey
  • - 96 oz. Kit includes base material, setting agent, stirring paddle and applicator bottle
  • - Provides permanent and uniform watertight seal
  • - Prevents uncontrolled cracking by allowing expansion and contraction during temperature changes
  • - Stays flexible – won’t become brittle or crack due to UV exposure
  • - Resists abrasion, weathering and moisture
  • - Resists the effects of today’s pool chemicals
  • - Application Life: 1 Hour
  • - Tack-Free Time: 4 Hours
  • - Linear Shrinkage: Negligible
  • - Tensile Strength: 125-200 PSI
  • - Elongation: 500%
  • - Storage Life: 1 Year when stored in unopened containers under 80 degrees Fahrenheit

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