Autopilot Pool Pilot Digital Salt Chlorine Generator DIG-60 w- Timer

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»» Description:

Autopilot Pool Pilot Digital Salt Chlorine Generator Complete System w/ cell - DIG-60 (up to 50,000 Gallons)

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Salt Chlorine Generator DIGITAL MODEL has been the technological leader in the chlorine generation process for swimming pools since 1976. There are over 200,000 satisfied AutoPilot owners worldwide. In fact over 90% of the swimming pools in Australia are sanitized with chlorine generators. AutoPilot sets the standard for dependability, features and performance....and has a unit to fit every need and budget.

For 30 years, AutoPilot Systems has been producing the finest Salt Chlorine Generators (electrolytic chlorine generator systems) for your pool. We are your most reliable source for chlorine generators — the most sought after form of alternative pool sanitation available in today's marketplace. By adding a minimum saline level in your pool, the equivalent of one teaspoon per gallon of water, and our salt conversion cell, we can show you the way to trouble free pool maintenance and the most luxurious softest feeling water imaginable — everyday, the natural way.

AutoPilot's patented bypass manifold is a pre-assembled unit designed to control the flow rate delivered to our cell. The spring check valve in the manifold allows excess flow, over 20 gpm, to by-pass the cell. The water in turn flows at a controlled rate through the cell where it is super chlorinated. The in-line strainer on the inlet side of the manifold protects the tri-sensor and production cell from debris that might bypass the filter. The location of the strainer next to a connection union makes periodic cleaning easy. The design of our patented bypass manifold guarantees optimum chlorine production and simplifies the installation process of the AutoPilot® Purifying System.

Manifold features include:

1) Inline Strainer - The in-line Strainer protects the Tri-Sensor and the Cell from debris that may by-pass the filter and obstruct either component. The location of the strainer in the connecting union makes it easy to remove for periodic cleaning.

2) Tri-Sensor - The Tri-Sensor is a three way sensing device which measures flow, salt level, and cold water temperature.

3) Chlorine Production Cell - The cell produces 100% pure Sodium Hypochlorite in your pool plumbing returning it to your pool.

4) Check Valve - The check valve in the Manifold allows all water flowing through the plumbing at a rate greater than 20 gallons per minute to by-pass the production cell to maximize the production of chlorine.

»» Application:

  • In-ground Swimming Pools

»» Features:

  • Patented temperature compensation - Pool Pilot automatically adjusts the output level based upon the seasonal changes in water temperatures. As the temperature increases, the output will increase up to 100% higher than the normal setting. As the temperature decreases, the output will decrease down to 1% output (at below 50F). This eliminates the need for constant manual adjustments to keep up with the temperature changes.

  • Maximum Purifier output, up to 2 lbs per day - The highest output cell in a compact size in the market! Each cell produces up to 2 lbs/day in a compact, lightweight package. Easy to service, powerful for any size pool.

  • Multiple boost cycles, 24 & 72 hours - Two automatic Boost modes override the output setting to provide maximum purifier production for 24 or 72 hours, then automatically returns to the normal setting. Used when the purifier level drops low such as after heavy rainfall, large pool parties or refilling the pool.

  • Operates at any water temperature up to 104 degrees - The microprocessor based Control unit continues to produce purifier at peak efficiency based upon temperature to provide optimum cell life.

  • Operates at any salt level between 2,500 - 35,000 ppm - Nearly undetectable low operating salt level is safe for all salt-sensitive diets yet can also handle salt levels of 35,000 ppm (seawater) - and still provide incredibly soft, silky pool water.

  • Control systems compatible - Designed to interface with electronic and chemical automation controllers.

  • Soft reverse cell cleaning - Gently ramps-up power at polarity reversal for less "stress" on the power circuit board and cell coatings to optimize system life.

  • Push button controls - soft push buttons are durable and comfortable to operate and adjust whenever needed.

  • Lifetime trade-in value on cell - Long lasting cells now come with a trade-in value when its time to replace the cell.

»» Product Notes / Warranty / Manufactures Website:

Cell Warranty - 5 Years

View warranty information: Click Here

Owners Manual: Click Here

Benefits of a Salt Chlorine Generator System:

  • Never buy chlorine again
  • Soft, Silky feeling water
  • No more red eyes
  • No more itchy skin
  • No more green hair
  • No more vacation worries
  • No more faded swimwear
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Automatic cell cleaning
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