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Product Description

Pentair 10' Hard Feed Line Hose Kit - 360266 is a replacement part that was made by Pentair. The same high-quality materials were used to manufacture the original factory part. Making this a genuine OEM product.

This section of the feedline hose made from strong yet harder plastic and rubber composite unlike its counterpart the feed hose – soft which connects to the feed mast and inline filter which allows the Racer to move along the surface with ease. The feedline hose is designed to float along with the top layer of water (with the help of the feedline hose floats) which helps the hose from getting tangled up as the pressure cleaner operates.

This part is gray and is much harder than the other section of feed hose which is also made from a lighter gray composite making it very easy to tell the two apart. Also, this section of the hose connects to the feedline swivel which sits on the end of the soft feedline hose all of which runs off the feedline wall connector which connects to the return line on the pool wall powered by the booster pump and filtration system.


  • For Use With : Pentair Racer® Pressure Side Cleaner
  • Item : Hard Feed Line Hose Kit
  • Size : 10 ft