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Game Solar Pro Solar Heater - Large

by Game
SKU NS6126

»» Description:

Game Solar Pro Solar Heater - Large

Game Solar Pro Solar Heater - Large adds weeks to the swimming season. Hook up this compact solar unit and raise your pool temperature 5 degrees per week. Solar energy is magnified by the clear lens and captured by the black hoses. Warm water is circulated back into your pool by your existing pump & filter. Multiple Solar Pro Heaters can be linked to deliver additional solar heat.

»» Application:

  • Outdoor

»» Features:

  • Solar Pro Solar Heater
  • Easily installs on either 1.25" or 1.5" fittings
  • Comes with 2 flexibles hoses, 2 clamps & protective cover to stop heat transfer
  • Fits any size above ground pool
  • Measures 32.5"W x 32.5"W x 20"H

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