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Product Description

»» Description:

Armor Shield Liner Protection System for 15' Round Pool

Armor Shield Liner Protection System protect your liner damaged by rocks, roots, or nut grass. Simply place Armor Shield Liner Protection System under your vinyl liner and guard it from cuts, punctures, and abrasions resulting from rocks, roots, nutgrass, and even glass! It also reduces convective heat loss and acts as a floor pad. Durable material resists acids, alkalis, salt, oils, mold & mildew. Easy to install - no wrinkles, cutting or taping!

»» Application:

  • Above-ground pools

»» Features:

  • 15' Round Pool
  • Pre-cut to all the most popular pool sizes
  • Excellent resistance to all acids, alkalis, salt, and oils
  • Outstanding strength with superb "tear guard" weave
  • Acts as a comfortable floor pad for tired feet
  • No tapping or cutting

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