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Winter Products for Winter Pool Closings

Winter Products for Winter Pool Closings

Has your swim season ended? Is it time to start packing up the swim suits and unpacking the winter coats? We know the end of your pool swim season can rush up on you, but don't worry. Pool Supply Delivery has all of the winterizing chemicals, safety covers, winter covers, and winter cover accessories for your pool closing.

Depending on your location and local weather, you may have different winterizing items needed for your pool, but this will be a great guide to get you started.

For the chemical side of the closing you will need to purchase a winterizing chemical kit. The kit will include all the necessary items to make your closing as painless as possible. The kits are offered in multiple sizes so you don't waste the extra money paying for enough chemicals to close a pool twice the size of your own.

Now you are ready to close off lines that freezing may damage. You would use Anti-Freeze Protection products for this, such as a skimmer guard or a winter plug.

Now let’s go over our cover selection.Standard Winter covers are offered in both solid and mesh for above-ground and in-ground pools. Safety covers are offered for in-ground pools and have several stock sizes but also have custom cover options.

For in-ground pools, the solid winter covers would be held in place by water tubes and would require a winter cover pump to remove water in the spring. The mesh winter cover is held in place the same way as the solid winter covers but allows the water to slowly drain through the cover saving you the money, and hassle of dealing with a cover pump in the spring.

For above-ground pools both the solid winter covers and the mesh winter cover options would be held in place using the provided cable and winch system.

If you are in an area that has a heavy fall and you hate removing the leaves, you can add a leaf net to the pool. They make leaf nets for both in-ground and above-ground pools and are intended to be removed just before the first freeze.


Safety covers are the safest option for closing your pool for the winter. Safety covers are only offered for in-ground pools and come in Mesh or Solid. The Solid Covers require a winter cover pump, mesh covers do not. We stock many sizes, with and without steps for both options.

If you do not have a standard rectangle pool, then you would want a custom cover. Custom Safety Covers are made specifically for your pool size based on your exact dimensions for a perfect fit. Custom safety covers are available in Mesh, Solid with a mesh drain panel, or Solid with a free cover pump. For pricing information or to receive a quick quote, visit our website for more information.

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