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Website Technical Difficulties


Greetings from Pool Supply Delivery & Water Club USA!


UPDATE 10/27/2020 @ 1:05 PM EST:

We greatly apologize for the service disruption on our website. You can currently shop the site, create an account, save items, etc. You just can not ‘checkout’ (we do have a way for you to order - see below).

The issues with the website is with our Checkout / Merchants Payment Processor. Our Director of E-Commerce is currently working on the issue as we speak.

*Note* - IF you are ready to order and want to skip to that part, see the “Ready To Order” section below.

What happened?

We have multiple other sites who have used our current/new platform for many, many years. This platform is the largest platform in E-Commerce, only 2nd to as far as volume of E-Commerce sales in the World. We have a great relationship with this company as we not only use them for our E-Commerce sites but we currently use their software as our Registers/Point of Sale in all of our retail stores.

Because has just launched a little over a month ago with our refreshed design and complete makeover all built upon this software (it was using software called “Magento” previously to run the website). Since our recent launch on this new software, we have experienced crazy amount of sales (Thank You to all our amazing customers!).

Obviously, this volume is not new to us, but it’s new to our new web platform hosting provider. Without going into additional boring business details, there is a risk involved in being a ‘hosting platform’ & ‘payments provider’ so as with all our websites which we switched to this platform, each must go through a ‘review’. This review basically requires us to send detailed business information so they know we are a *true business* and not a *scam/fraud* (we send our retail store lease, utility bills, purchasing receipts from our inventory, corporate documents, etc.). We want to make this clear - It’s not our ‘web/payment hosting providers’ fault, it’s just how business is done when dealing in high volume companies in their industry. We are very use to this as we get this often due to our size. We are actively working to proactively resolve this so we can be back up as normal and serve you with the best prices, fast shipping and the best advice/customer service!

Thankfully, we ship orders ASAP - so majority of the orders which were placed even up to yesterday at 4pm; already have a tracking number in the system and when tracked, it shows activity. Because we have our own warehouses, stores and hundreds of partner Companies/Warehouses - we ship FAST. 



I believe in being 100% transparent with our customers. I will continue to update you as the day progresses and we hope to resolve this by the end of the day.

Ready To Order?

If you are ready to order, you CAN contact us. (See “Discounts” below)

Just please be patient as our team is getting hammered with calls about our site currently. We do offer email, texting, iMessage chat, FB messenger, etc. - all which I promise you that we will get back to EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER BY TONIGHT! 

Discounts for All Orders IF....

I will have our executive / management team who are salary employees work along with myself to ensure we respond to EVERY SINGLE email, chat, message from you.

To receive a Discount special - all we ask is that you please contact us via: Email, Text, FB Messenger or our “Contact Form” at bottom of Contact Us page.

The reason for this is that we want to allow our team to make outbound calls to you or send you custom quotes you can simple click on and enter your payment info in a secure window. This will save you time as our call center and corporate office is currently overwhelmed with calls due to this issue.,

I want to keep our phone lines open for customers with current orders. Unlike many companies who prioritize *new* orders. We value customers who have already purchased and want to ensure their needs are handled first, before we make another sale. I call this ‘the long game’ in business. It’s why we have been in the Pool Industry for over 40 years, we take care of our customers.



Thank you so so much for your kind understanding!

Peter Boscarino
Owner / Founder