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Vinyl Liner Buying Guide

Vinyl Liner Buying Guide

Buying a new Pool Liner for your pool can be a great time to give your pool back some new life with a fresh new design. Pool liners are offered with a few different options: Type, Pattern, and Pool Size. Let’s review the different options now.





Liner Types



Pool Liners are offered in a variety of types including BeadedExpandableOverlap, and Uni-Bead/J-Hook



Overlap and Expandable liners have the same type of installation; they are installed over the sidewall and held in place by Coping Strips. Overlap liners are intended for flat-bottom pools while Expandable liners allow for a deep end or dug-out middle. An Overlap liner will work with 48” and 52” sidewall pools while Expandable liners will fit pools up to 72” deep. When using an Expandable liner some wrinkling is expected during installation.





Beaded liners require a Bead Receiver to be installed correctly, the bead from the liner simply snaps into the receiver. Beaded liners are intended for flat-bottom pools and have different options for the various wall heights.





Uni-Bead/J-Hook liners can be used as both a J-hook liner and a Beaded liner. To use the liner as a J-hook, you simply hook the liner over the top of the sidewall. To use the liner as a beaded liner, you would require a Bead Receiver and would need to carefully remove the J-hook portion. Once the J-hook portion has been removed you will be left with a standard Beaded liner.





Liner Type


Floor Options


Wall Options


Installation Accessories




Flat Bottom Only



48 and 52



Coping Strips





Flat Bottom Only



48 or 52 or 54



Bead Receiver





Flat Bottom Only



48 or 52 or 54



None for J-Hook Option, Bead Receiver for Beaded Option





Up to 72” deep



72” deep total



Coping Strips







Liner Patterns



Pool Liners are offered in a variety of patterns depending on the manufacturer. The designs can be solid colored, design at the top of the waterline or floor only, or a combination. Designs are constantly changing so always check for new patterns when the time comes.







Liner Sizing



We have already explained some of the basic size options for the different Liners. The three things to know before ordering a liner are: your pool size, liner type,and side wall height. There are a large variety of sizes that pools are offered in. Most of the stocked sizes are the industry standard sizes; there are about 40 stocked sizes for most patterns. If you have a pool size that is not a stocked size, you will most likely be required to get a custom liner quote.







Liner Accessories



You already know what pool liners will require for installation but there are a few installation accessories that keep the liner safe and secure so you can enjoy the many years of enjoyment from your pool. For the ultimate liner protection, you want to keep the liner off the ground and the wall. This is accomplished by installing Wall Foam for the sides, Pool Cove to provide the correct slope for the bottom edge of the liner, and a Floor Padding such as Happy Bottom, Perfect Bottom and the Gorilla Pad. The different types of Floor Padding offered will have different features; some are better at protection but provide no padding for instance. The last of the accessories would be for if you find a small leak or tear in your liner; you would than need to purchase a Repair Sealant.



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