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Swimming Pool Help Center - Pool Cleaner Types

Choosing the Correct Swimming Pool Cleaner Type
So you’re in the market for a swimming pool cleaner? That’s a great investment to save you both time and money. Pool cleaners continually clean your pool throughout the day. As soon as a speck of dirt drops in your pool, the pool cleaner will get it within the next few hours. Besides being a great time saver, automatic pool cleaners also assist in maintaining the water balance and distributing chemicals.  An automatic pool cleaner can also help circulate heat, helping you on your energy bill.
Below is some helpful information to help you choose the correct pool cleaner type for your in-ground or above-ground pool:
Types of Pool Cleaners:
Suction Pool Cleaners – Suction Pool Cleaners work off of your existing swimming pool suction. This suction comes from either your skimmer or dedicated side port. To install a suction pool cleaner you would insert the included hose into the skimmer or dedicated suction port and connect it to the pool cleaner – and off it goes. Suction cleaners run when your pump is running and turn off when the pump stops.
o       Everything needed comes with cleaner – no need for a booster pump.
o       They do a great job picking up dirt.
o       Easy to install.
o       Easy to maintain.
o       Most popular
o       Least expensive
o       Will not work well with more than a few leaves per day.
o       Dependant on filter pressure – must keep a clean filter.
o       Skimmer installation disables your pool skimming ability.
o       Sucks up dirt to your pool filter
Pressure Pool Cleaners – Pressure Pool Cleaners work off of an additional pump to push pressure through a line in your pool to the pool cleaner. Most pressure pool cleaners require a booster pump. A few pressure cleaners can be installed using your existing pool pump pressure.
o       Does a great job cleaning your pool.
o       Dirt and debris gets caught in an internal bag – not in your pool filter.
o       Will work great with many leaves and larger debris.
o       Requires a booster pump.
o       Not easy to work on.
o       Not easy to install unless you already have the booster pump hooked up properly.
o       More expensive.
Automatic (Robotic) Pool Cleaners – Automatic Pool Cleaners, commonly referred to as robotic pool cleaners, work off of an electrical connection to your home. Automatic pool cleaners use a transformer to convert your house electrical 110v current to a safe 12v current. Automatic pool cleaners will clean your pool in the least amount of time and usually run on a 1-4 hour timer. An automatic cleaner is a cleaner that you throw in your pool as needed and let it do its job, then take it out. The Automatic Cleaner will use very little electric – usually not noticed on your electric bill.
o       Cleans your pool in the least amount of time
o       Does a great job cleaning your pool – some even scrub.
o       Easy to install – just throw it in and let it go, no adjusting.
o       Internal bag to store dirt and debris for easy removal.
o       Helps circulate water of pool – acts almost as a second pool pump.
o       Most expensive cleaner type
o       Very hard to work on
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