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Swimming Pool Help Center - Basic Pool FAQ

Basic Pool FAQ
Algae is most commonly caused by low sanitizer levels in your pool. Algae is airborne and can effect pools that are kept in good chemical balance, although it is not as common. If you are experiencing algae problems here are a couple solutions for you to check:
 1) If you're using chlorine, test your stabilizer levels. Stabilizer protects the chlorine from the sun's UV rays. With little to no stabilizer in the pool, your chlorine level could be 0 again within 2-15 hours after adding chlorine.
 2) If your stabilizer checks out ok, the first step is to kill the algae. Click on the link below to see all our algaecide products.
 3) To prevent algae from coming back we recommend that you use a preventative algaecide. Most preventative algaecides are weekly additives and also contain clarifiers to make your pool clear and algae free.
Click Here for All Algaecides and Algae Preventatives
Stains are discoloration of the pool surface. Stains do not brush up. Stains are most commonly caused by mineral's attracting to the pool surface. There are several options to get rid of stains. Pool Supply Delivery recommends using a topical kit or a pool stain treat spotting bag to test the area to find the best solution.
Jack's Magic Topical Kit - The Stain ID Kit is basically a “sample” kit... it contains approximately 4 ounces of each of our three stain removal products (Stain Solution #1, Stain Solution #2 and O2 Safe Shock). All you do is try the products directly in a stained area (steps & swim outs work best) and see which product or combination of products works best to remove your stains. There is no need to drain water out of the pool... there’s no need to climb in... the products are heavier than water and will sink to the floor when the pool water is still. When you get the right product (or combination of products), your stain will magically disappear in the test area. Once you’ve determined what you need, you can safely order full sized products to treat the entire pool and relax knowing you’ve finally found something that actually works!
Pool Stain Treat Spotting Bag - The spotting bag is similar to a tea bag. It is simply placed on the stain overnight. If the stain is removed, use the Pool Stain Treat 2lb container to treat your entire pool.
Your pool equipment is a very important asset to your pool. Your pool equipment is responsible for filtering out all the debris in your pool which can cause cloudy water. Your filter should run at a pressure between 5# and 25#'s. If you have over 30 #'s you should schedule a repair with a pool professional.
Manufacturer replacement filters are expected to last 1-2 years, no longer. Cheaper replacement brands often last no longer than 1 year.
A noisy pump is often the bearings going bad in the motor. Motors can be replaced without replacing the entire pump. Motors range from $80 - $150 where complete pumps range from $250 - $500. Click Here to View Our Replacement Pool Pump Motors
Pool Supply Delivery recommends using a filter cleaner on your filter once a month. Click Here to View Our Filter Cleaners and Enhancers
There are 3 common types of heating: Heat Pumps, Gas Heaters, and Solar. Below will explain the pro's and con's of the different types of heaters.
Heat Pumps - Heat pumps are more expensive up front to purchase  than gas heaters and about the same price as a comparable solar system. Heat pumps are more efficient than a gas heater. You can heat your pool for as little as a $1 a day with a heat pump. Heat pumps usually carry a 10+ year warranty.
Who should buy a heat pump - Someone looking to heat their pool many times throughout the year.
Gas Heaters - Gas heaters are less expensive up front. The life span of a gas heater is approximately 6 years. Gas heaters heat the quickest but cost the most to run.
Who should buy a gas heater - Anyone wanting to heat their pool or spa quick but use it few times a year, since it is costly to use it constantly.
Solar - Solar is great since it doesn't cost anything to run. It will heat your pool by as much as 10 degrees in most spring and summer months. Solar is not a good choice if you want to swim in the winter. Solar will extend your swimming season approximately 4-9 weeks.
Who should buy solar - Solar is great for those wanting to swim warm during the spring, summer, and part of fall.
Click Here to View Our Heaters
Pool Covers
Pool Covers are a must have for a heater. Pool covers cut your heating cost's down to a 1/3rd. There are also many other advantages of a pool cover:
-Cuts heating cost to a 1/3rd.
-Keeps debris out of pool
-Stops evaporation
-Holds your heat in your pool
-Less chemical usage
Click Here to View Our Pool Covers
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