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Solar Sun Rings Buying Guide

Solar Sun Rings Buying Guide

We know that when you are looking to purchase a new solar cover you may have questions. Solar Sun Ring purchases are no different and we are here to answer those questions for you.





What are Solar Sun Rings?



Solar Sun Rings are a hassle-free option to heating your swimming pool or spa. Solar Sun Rings are floating discs that require minimum maintenance and can produce up to 21,000 BTU’s per ring, per day. Each ring has built-in magnets to keep multiple rings connected to one another for easy removal and fall-in protection. The rings have been newly redesigned to have a larger outer ring,built-in drains on the surface of the ring to prevent sinking, and a grommet for easy storage when not in use.



How many rings do I need for my pool?

This is one of the most popular questions. The thing that is good about the Sun Rings versus other standard solar blankets is you can add and remove the rings as needed. Why is this beneficial? Well, each pool is different, each day is different, and there area number of factors that can affect your pool’s water temperature. You may have enough rings to heat your pool on a partially cloudy day for instance; on a100% sunny day you may find the water is too hot, so you can simply turn the rings over to help cool the pool, or remove the rings to stop the additional heat.





The manufacturer recommends enough rings to cover up to 70-80% of your pool’s surface, ignoring the small triangles between rings. Here is a sizing estimate; you can choose to add more later if needed.





Are there different kinds of rings?

There are five different types of sun rings; we currently carry all five of these options. The five options are Solar Spa Ring, Solar Sun Ring with Palm Tree Design – No anchors, Solar Sun Ring with Palm Tree Design – With Anchors, and then Plain (no design) Sun Rings with and without anchors.





How do the rings actually work?



The Solar Sun Rings are made of two pieces of heavyweight UV resistant vinyl. The upper clear layer holds insulating air and focuses sunlight on the blue-colored lower layer. The lower layer absorbs around 50% of the sunlight and then converts it to heat. The remaining sunlight is allowed to pass through for deep water warming. At night, the contained air acts as an insulating blanket to retain the heat gained during the day, just like a bubble style cover.




Solar Spa Rings



The Spa Rings are a bit different from the Pool Sun Rings. The spa ring is a one size fits all designed for spas 68” – 102” in diameter. Like the sun rings, the Solar Spa Ring is a great source of heat during the day with a thermal blanket effect at night. The Solar Spa Cover is specially designed with a thicker vinyl and has a larger air chamber that sustains itself over the varying temperatures often found in spas and hot tubs.





The Spa Ring has three outer rings that are filled as needed to size your ring.



Fill only the first chamber for spas 68” - 80” in diameter.



Fill first and second chamber for spas 81” – 93” in diameter.



Fill all three chambers for spas 94” – 102” in diameter.





Storage Instructions:



The Sun Rings can be removed and stacked in an area completely free from any sunlight throughout the day. Any surface that the ring is placed must be smooth and non-abrasive. It is not recommended to place them over grass, plants, or soil.



If necessary, the ring may be folded into quarters without deflating the ring. The rings may also be hung by the attached loop in a shaded area with non-abrasive surface.The Solar Spa Cover does not feature the hanging loop.





During the winter months, or off season, if local temperatures remain over 35 degrees Fahrenheit, you may leave the rings on the pool with occasional cleaning recommended. Storing the rings under the winter cover, however, is not recommended.





If local temps are less than 35 degrees Fahrenheit, you would need to deflate the outer ring and inner grid by inserting the supplied deflation stems in the valve until no air is present. Once the ring is drained of all its air, clean, dry,and fold the ring as mentioned above. Place the rings in a sealed container and store in a dry, cool location such as storage shed or garage. 




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