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Pump Seal & Go-Kit Guide

Go-Kit & Pump Shaft Seal Replacement Guide
If you are replacing your pool pump motor, Pool Supply Delivery recommends that you purchase a Go-Kit or, at the very least, a new pump shaft seal. In order to help you determine which Go-Kit or shaft seal is compatible with your pool pump, please view the charts below. If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us and one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

Go-Kit Rebuild Kit Replacements:

Pump Model:     Go-Kit: 
 Hayward Max-Flo Pump Series 1800-2800  GO-KIT1
 Hayward Super II Pump Series 3000-3000X  GO-KIT2
 Hayward Super Pump Series 1600, 2600, 2600X  GO-KIT3
 Sta-Rite P2RA & P2R Duraglas & Maxiglas Pump Series  GO-KIT6
 Jacuzzi Magnum Pump Series  GO-KIT14
 Pentair WhisperFlo Pump Series  GO-KIT32
 Sta-Rite P4E & P4EA Series Maxiglas II/Duraglas II Pump Series     GO-KIT38

Replacement Pump Shaft Seals:

Pump Mfg:  Pump Model:   Mfg. Part #:      Premium Seal: 
 Acura Spa Systems      
   Aquaheat  1090-A  PS-1000
   Aquaheat Plus  1090-A  PS-1000
   Magnaflow  1090-A  PS-1000
   Magnaflow 56  1090-A  PS-1000
   Maverick  1090-A  PS-1000
   Supercharger  1090-A  PS-1000
   Supercharger II  1090-A  PS-1000
 American Products      
   Americana  395005  PS-201
   Americana II  397012  PS-1000
   Bronze-Bronze  397012  PS-1000
   Bronze-Noryl  395005  PS-201
   Eagle  397012  PS-1000
   Eagle  397020  PS-1000
   Maxim  397012  PS-1000
   Power-Glass  397012  PS-1000
   Ultra-Flo  397020  PS-1000
   Dura-Flo  AP-304D  PS-1000
   Noryl Turbo  AP-304D  PS-1000
   XL 600  AP-304D  PS-1000
   A-Series  92500050  PS-1000
   A & B Series  92509040  PS-1000
   C-Series  92500050  PS-1000
   D-Series  92500040  PS-1000
   D-Series  92500050  PS-1000
   Circ-Master  92500151  PS-200
   Dominator High Head/Med Head  92500150  PS-200
   Dominator High Head/Med Head (Pre 1995)    92500050  PS-1000
   Flo-Master  91049000  PS-2131
   Flo-Master  92500150  PS-200
   Pond-Flo  92500151  PS-200
   Tub-Master  91049000  PS-2131
   Tub-Master  92500150  PS-200
   Pool Sweep  A-8  PS-200
 Astral Pool      
   Astramax  Series 1600  PS-1000
   Sena  Series 1800  PS-200
     35B1178  PS-200
     306-1002  PS-1000
     306-1006  PS-200
   Cast Iron  SPX1250XZ2  PS-200
   Max-Flo  SPX1600Z2  PS-201
   Power-Flo II  SPX1500KA  PS-2131
   Power-Flo LX  SPX1500KA  PS-2131
   Power-Flo Matrix  SPX1500KA  PS-2131
   Super Pump  SPX1600Z2  PS-201
   Super Pump II  SPX1600Z2  PS-201
   Turbo-Flo  SPX1500KA  PS-2131
 ITT Marlow      
   Argonaut  38592-00  PS-201
   Mardur  38592-00  PS-201
   Cygnet  10-0002-06  PS-200
   A, J, JCM Series  10-0002-06  PS-200
   K, KM Series  10-0002-06  PS-200
   LCM-Series  10-1436-00  PS-200
   LCU-Series  10-1436-00  PS-200
   LR-Series  10-0002-06  PS-200
   Magnum  10-1502-09  PS-201
   RC-Series  10-1502-09  PS-201
   Vector (LVL)  10-0002-06  PS-200
   HHP, HHPU  R0338200  PS-601
   PB4-60  P55  PS-1000
 Pentair/Pac Fab/Purex      
   AH Series  071728  PS-201
   Aquatron  071733  PS-501
   Challenger  354545  PS-200
   Dynamite  354545  PS-200
   Dynamo, Dynatron  354545  PS-200
   Hydropump  354001  PS-201
   L-Series  17351-0102  PS-100
   L-Series  071728  PS-201
   Pinnacle  354545  PS-200
   WhisperFlo  071734  PS-1000
   120T  31-812  PS-201
   220/225 (Pre 1988)  31-813  PS-1000
   225/255 MKII  31-812  PS-201
   300/325/355  31-812  PS-201
   455/456  31-813  PS-1000
   500/600  31-813  PS-1000
   725/756  31-812  PS-201
 Speck Pumps      
     2920060603  PS-200
     60603-200  PS-200
   AJ  U109-93SS  PS-100
   CF/CFA  U109-136SS  PS-1000
   DJ/JS/JT  37400-0027S  PS-201
   DJ/JS/JT  U109-358SS  PS-201
   Dura-Glas (Pre 1998)  U109-93SS  PS-100
   Dura-Glas PE, PEA, P2R, P2RA  17304-0100  PS-200
   Dura-Glas II (Pre 1998)  U109-372SS  PS-201
   Dura-Glas II  U109-358SS  PS-201
   Dura-Glas II P4E, P4EA, P4R, P4RA  37400-0027S  ---
   Dura-Glas II P4E, P4EA, P4R, P4RA  37400-0028S  ---
   Dura-Jet  U109-358SS  PS-201
   Dyna-Glas/Dyna-Max  U109-358SS  PS-201
   Dyna-Glas/Dyna-Max  37400-0027S  PS-201
   Dyna-Jet  17351-0101S  PS-201
   HP-Series  U109-136SS  PS-1000
   JW/JWPA  U109-358SS  PS-201
   Max-E-Glas (Pre 1998)  U109-93SS  PS-100
   Max-E-Glas PE, PEA, P2R, P2RA  17304-0100  PS-200
   Max-E-Glas II  U109-358SS  PS-201
   Max-E-Glas II P4E, P4EA, P4R, P4RA  37400-0027S  PS-201
   Max-E-Glas II P4E, P4EA, P4R, P4RA  37400-0028S  ---
   Max-E-Pro P6E, P6RA  37400-0028S  ---
   PLBC Series  17351-0102S  PS-100
   Super Max  354545S  PS-200
   XL, VI/XL, VII  37407-0009  PS-201
 Waterway Plastics      
     319-3100B  PS-1000
 Wayne Water Systems      
     15693  PS-201