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PoolSupplyDelivery Worry-Free Warranty

Worry-Free Warranty Benefits

Pool Supply Delivery highly recommends purchasing worry-free warranties on applicable products. Our worry-free warranties save you the time and hassle standard manufacturer warranty claims as we deal with the manufacturer directly on your behalf.

We leverage our strong relationships with all the top pool supply manufacturers to make warranty claims a fast and easy process.

In addition, while standard manufacturer warranties are generally very limited, worry-free warranties can be purchased for up to 10 years on some products. This provides you with added peace of mind and great savings should your warrantied items break down unexpectedly.

Like standard manufacturer warranties, worry-free warranties do not cover common replaceable items. However, worry-free warranties provide you with discounts on any wear items that aren’t covered by the manufacturer warranty.

See special terms on chemicals, pool pumps and motors under additional terms and conditions below to learn why a worry-free warranty makes a lot of sense for these items.


* 1-Year warranties provide a 10% savings on wear items.

* 3-Year warranties provide a 15% savings on wear items.

* 5-Year warranties provide 20% savings on wear items.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

Warranties can only be added to a new purchase.

The warranty on chemicals is a worry-free guarantee that the product works and you’re happy with the product. If after 3 normal doses of the product you are not happy - file a claim and we will send you a UPS label to ship the un-used portion of the chemical back to us. Once we receive the chemical we will refund your purchase in full, including the original shipping you paid. The refund will be a Pool Supply Delivery gift card good towards any of the tens of thousands of items on our websites. Please note - if you used more than 3 doses, we may not provide a refund or we may pro-rate the purchase based on the item at the Warranty Supervisor's discretion.

The warranty on pumps only includes the motor for the 1st year of warranty. 3 and 5 year plans include a prorated motor purchase price after the first year. Year 2 you would pay 30%, Year 3 you would pay 50%, Year 4 you would pay 75%, Year 5 you would pay 90%. If we warranty out the whole pump this will close your warranty, if you warranty out just the motor or parts, your warranty will remain active.

The warranty on motors is a full replacement within 1 year. Year 2 you would pay 40%, Year 3 you would pay 60% of the purchase price.