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Pool Troubleshooting Guide

Pool Troubleshooting FAQ
Pool Maintenance
Pool Supply Delivery recommends the following pool maintenance schedule:
Water test - weekly
Brush pool - weekly
Vacuum pool - as needed
Skim pool - as needed
Clean baskets - as needed
Clean cartridge filter - weekly
Clean D.E. filter - monthly
Clean sand filter - monthly
Lube o-rings - as needed 
Equipment - Filters & Pumps
One of the most common problems for the homeowner is low or no flow to the pool. There are many reasons this may happen. The following is a list of basic troubleshooting that might help you save a service call. To troubleshoot your system you need a working pressure gauge to help determine where the problem might be. With the system off, the pressure gauge should always be zero. When the system is on in most cases your normal working pressure should be 8-18.
1.      Look through you pump lid at the pump basket while the system is running and see if it has any water flowing though it.
2.      While your system is running check your pressure gauge to see how much pressure is in the system. High-pressure means there’s a problem in the pressure side of the system; low-pressure means there’s a problem in the suction side of the system.
High pressure: 
1.      Clean filter
2.      Check that all return valves are open
3.      Listen for blockage in filter area.
If your system pressure is running 40 pounds or higher shut everything off and schedule a service call.
Low pressure:
1.      Check, clean, and lube o-rings
2.      Be sure all suction valves are open.
3.      Be sure pump lid is secure and tight.
4.      Be sure pump basket is clean.
If your system runs for more than 5 minutes without water running through it, shut everything off and schedule a service call.
Advanced troubleshooting: 
1.      Clean out impeller
2.      Check for line blockages
3.      Check for air leaks
4.      Pressure test system
Most advanced troubleshooting work is for the service professional and should not be attempted without proper instruction.
Chemical Balance
Your water chemistry should be tested & balanced weekly. Pool Supply Delivery recommends the following chemical balance:
   Bromine -  2-3 ppm               
   Chlorine Free - 1-3 ppm                            
   PH- 7.2 - 7.8 ppm                           
   Chlorine Stabilizer - 30 - 100 ppm         
   Total Alkalinity - 80 – 120 ppm            
   Calcium Hardness -150 – 220 ppm/ vinyl      
   Calcium Hardness -200 – 400 ppm/ plaster    .
   Calcium Hardness -380 – 500 ppm/ fiberglass
   Salt Content - Depends on Salt Sys. (3000-3500 Std.)
   Phosphates - 0
   Metals/Sequest (Jacks Magic) - 10ppm
Spa & Hot tubs
Above Ground (stand alone) spas and hot tubs are one of the most difficult items to troubleshoot. We recommend calling a spa or hot tub service technician for troubleshooting.
Low flow - All heaters have to have a certain flow rate of water going through the heater for the heater to work. Usually you will get a low flow or flow light/error if you have a dirty/bad filter. You will also want to check all your valves, make sure they are turned to go through the heater.
All other problems we recommend calling your local service technician

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