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Pool Slide Buying Guide

Pool Slide Buying Guide

A new Pool Slide is a great way to add hours of fun to your backyard. Pool Slides come in all different colors, turns, and sizes allowing you to find just the right one for your pools needs. Most of the pool slides will require a permanent installation be completed - however there are a few inflatable slide options offered today. Slides are currently only recommended for in-ground swimming pool installations. Some smaller slides may be shown as above-ground options but per the slide manufacturer, they are only to be installed with in-ground pools.


A Swimming Pool Slide’s Footprint, Location and Turn often coincide with one another, so I will explain them at the same time. The footprint is the minimum deck space required to install the slide. The footprint will vary depending on the location and turn of the slide. Turns are determined from your view at the top just before you slide down. If you are sitting and want to go down to the right, you want a right turn slide. Just because a slide will fit somewhere, does NOT mean it can be safely installed in that location. Each and every slide has its own water envelope details which are explained in detail in the installation guide. All of the installation guides are available on the manufacturer’s websites, or you can contact us and we will be more than happy to send it to you.


Today’s pool slides are offered in a variety of colors and each manufacturer has its own options. Choosing the right color can tie the slide into the backyard flawlessly. Many of the slides with stainless materials, such as grab rails for the handle or legs, have the option to be powder coated to match your existing rail goods. 


We have taken some time to put together this comparison of the top slides from the two major slide manufacturers.

Some other key features to explain are:


  • Step Type: Pool Slides are often designed with ladders OR steps; only the Vortex currently has options for both.
  • Plumbing: New slides often require a stub-up from the PVC below the surface of your deck, though some manufacturers give you the option for a hose attachment.
  • Weight Limit: These numbers have changed over the years and continue to change as the manufacturer modifies the components.


Shipping Options for slides are normally freight truck, or LTL. These shipments would not be through the common small parcel carriers such as FedEx and UPS. Freight shipments will be delivered on a large truck to your driveway. Be sure to check the delivery options as many companies will up charge you for freight delivery options. includes residential, scheduled delivery with lift gate; that means they will call you to set up an appointment and the lift gate will remove the carton(s) from the truck. Be sure to complete a full inspection of the packages before signing any Bill of Lading from a truck line delivery. 

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