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Hurricane Eta

UPDATE Thursday 11/12/20 @ 12:30AM:

I’m writing a quick note to update you, the customer. I think that Thursday we will have no issues with delay in phone response time or any customer service activities. The wind and rain has been strong - but about 3 hours ago my son wanted to go outside to run around in the wind and rain. Obviously I stood outside to ensure it was safe and I joined him. I do understand the Hurricane is going to make full landfall throughout the night, but I think we are through the worst part. So thank you for shopping with Pool Supply Delivery and we look forward to serving you Thursday as normal.


UPDATE Wednesday 11/11/20 @ 7PM:

We had a good day and had power all day. We did experience about 8 quick power ‘flickers’ - which was enough to shut down our internet for about 15 minutes each time. We truly apologize if this effected you specifically. We are expecting Thursday to be a pretty good day, so please call us.


Hurricane Eta Announcement:

Shipping Time

Because we ship the majority of our orders from Warehouses across the USA; all orders will ship fast as normal. You’re order will not be affected by the Hurricane.

Customer Service / Live Chat / Call Center

Due to Hurricane Eta and the fact our corporate offices are located in Sarasota, FL (just South of Tampa, FL) - Hurricane Eta started to make landfall at 7:30PM EST (according to the weather man who is always take that as it

Wednesday & Thursday (November 11 & 12), we may experience power and internet outages at our corporate office and call center. Please bare with us. If you use live chat, please leave your email or phone number and we will text you the response once we can or email you - your preference.

 We are a Company that believes in great customer service and if you have ordered with us before or called us, you know that during our business hours - we answer on the first 1-2 rings. We also respond to chats/emails/etc. almost 24 hours a day. So we apologize if there is a delay Wednesday & Thursday.

NOTE: We do employ 10 employees who are full time ‘remote staff’ - they will be available as a backup in addition to our normal staff.



    The Pool Supply Delivery Team