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Above Ground Pool Buyers Guide

So your thinking about buying an Above-ground Pool? That is a great choice for your backyard paradise, children and your health. This guide was made to help you decide on the products you will need to complete your Above-ground pool purchase.


Here are the basics of what you will need when buying a new Above-ground Pool:

#1) The first step is to choose your pool. We have many different styles, qualities, sizes, shapes, and depths. A few things to know before choosing the pool is how long do you plan to live there - do you want high quality with long warranty? What are the local codes? What will fit your life style - a larger pool is better suited for parties. View Above-Ground Pools

#2) Next, you will need to decide on what above-ground pool equipment package you will need and/or want. Remember, all above-ground pools only include the pool - they do not include ladders, chemicals, cleaning supplies, pumps & filters. All those items are included in our Above-ground pool equipment packages. You can buy these items separately by searching through our site for products needed. If you want to buy in a package shop our Above-ground Pool Equipment Package page. View Above-Ground Equipment Packages

#3) Next, you will need Pool Chemicals to help stabilize the chemistry of your pool once it is filled and chemicals to maintain that chemistry. This is an important part allot of customers don't' do.  

I suggest buying one of our Pool Chemical Packages which will include everything needed to start up your pool and keep it maintained. If you wish to purchase your chemicals separately here is a list of products you will need to purchase: Pool Shock, Pool Chlorine Tablets 3", Alkalinity Increaser, pH Decreasesr, Pool Stabilizer / Conditioner,  and an Algaecide. View All Pool Chemicals.

#4) Next, you will need to choose a deck or ladder. If you are planning on purchasing a Above-ground Pool Equipment package above then you will not need a ladder as they are included. If you are not purchasing the Above-ground Pool Equipment Package then you will need a ladder to get in and out of your new Above-ground pool. You may also want pool deck, we sell two styles of pool decks that will save you time and money over building a wood deck yourself. View All Pool Decks - View All Above-Ground Pool Ladders


    Above Ground Swimming Pool Accessories and Extra's

    Once you have chosen all the necessities above then its time to think about what else will make your new Above-ground pool fun, more useful, etc... Below is a list of some of the common aftermarket products for an Above-ground swimming pool.
    Above-ground Pool Lights - Personally, I believe this is a must have and should be standard equipment on any Above-ground Swimming Pool. Have the option to entertain and swim at night with an above-ground pool light! Pool light prices are very reasonable and they are easy to install. View All Above-Ground Pool Lights
    Automatic Sanitization & Chemical Feeders - By purchasing an above-ground swimming pool automatic salt chlorine generator you save time and money. How it works is you add standard water softener salt to your pool (enough for water to feel soft, but not enough to taste salty or burn eyes), then is converts the salt in the pool to natural chlorine. Since it constantly converts salt to chlorine you can keep it at a lower chlorine level to help those with sensitive skin and it will help prevent algae and other bacteria growth. If you do not get the salt chlorine generator then I would recommend going with either a in-line floating chlorine tablet feeder or a floating chlorine tablet feeder for constant chlorine sanitation. View All Above-Ground Pool Tablet Feeders - View All Above-Ground Salt Chlorine Generators
    Automatic Above-ground Pool Cleaner - Just plug this into the pool and let it do the work. It will drive around and clean up your pool constantly through out the day to make sure it is clean 24/7. Why would you want to vacuum and brush the above-ground pool manually 1-2 times per week, when you can have an above-ground pool automatic pool cleaner do it for you! And best of all it is very reasonable price and it includes everything  you need in the box. View All Above-Ground Pool Cleaners
    Above-ground Swimming Pool Heaters - If you and your children love to swim- why not have the ability to swim year round or at least extend your swimming season by months. We sell electric above-ground pool heaters and gas above-ground pool heaters. Both work great and will heat your pool quickly and efficiently. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more information about a pool heater. View All Above-Ground Pool Heaters
    SAFETY FIRST! I recommend an above-ground pool alarm or an above-ground safety fence for all above-ground pool owners. Please protect your children and neighborhood children with at least 1 safety device on your pool. View All Above-Ground Pool Alarms and Safety Fences.
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