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Product Description

»» Description:

BlueWave Super Phosphate Remover - 1 Qt Bottle helps you save money on fighting algae by fixing the root cause. Phosphates are vital plant nutrients and the presence in your pool water, even at low levels, can allow algae to grow. Stop algae growth fast with this 100% natural, environmentally safe phosphate remover.

»» Application:

»» Features:

5 ounces will treat 1500 parts per billion of phosphates in a 10,000 gallon pool


Strongest Phosphate Remover on the Market


100% Natural, non-toxic, and environmentally safe


Safe to use around children


Allows swimming immediately after application


Less expensive and safer than continuous high doses of chlorine to fight algae


Helps to ensure clean water, better chlorine performance and no algae.


Easy to Use


See label for complete instructions.

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