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Product Description

This beautiful Cool Wave Deluxe Pool Float -Teal - CWAVE-T is made of the same soft, comfortable unsinkable foam as our original unsinkable float. It is slightly thicker with a luxurious pillow and designer style. The exclusive Aqua Cell™ foam is unaffected by chlorine or the suns harmful U.V. rays. This foam will not crack or peel like other floats and its vibrant colors go all the way through. The cool wave measures 72"L x 28"W x 1-¾" thick.

This float is not an inflatable, so it will provide years of fun in the sun. Guaranteed unsinkable.


  • Swimming Pools


  • Forever buoyant foam. Not inflatable.
  • Top of the line float - unsinkable and high quality
  • Color is impregnated in float so it will never crack, chip or peal
  • Pillow is slightly thicker for more comfort
  • Exclusive Aqua Cell foam is unaffected by chlorine or U.V. rays.
  • Color: Teal