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Del Ozone Mixing Degas Vessel - MDV-10-04

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Product Description

The Del Ozone Mixing Degas Vessel MDV-10-04 is part of this upgraded installation kit for DEL Ozone Eclipse series in ground pool ozone systems. By eliminating any possible off-gas, it reduces the potential for corrosion or deterioration of pool accessories like a pool cover. Equally important, it allows the use of an "over-sized" ozone generator to insure even greater disinfection margin and greater reduction in chemical use.

An MDV or a Mixing De-Gas Vessel is an exclusive product for DEL products and it is a special chamber designed to remove all excess gas or bubbles from the water which is the preferred way to integrate an Ozone or AOP system. It is used to protect a pool cover from possible damage and to protect pool components, fittings, and surfaces. It can also be used with indoor or enclosed pools when an oversized ozone unit is installed, and time all ozone bubbles must be removed from the water. In each MDV, a GAC carbon destructs cartridge destroys excess as it is removed.

The Mixing Degas Vessel will separate and remove/destroy any undissolved ozone gas, eliminating bubbles in the pool. This kit is highly recommend for pools with an automatic cover, indoor pools, as well as vinyl-lined pools. The MDV-10-04 can also be used on negative edge/infinity pools or other applications where a surface disturbance caused by the bubbles is unwanted.

This installation kit includes:

  • MDV tower
  • Dual and Variable Speed Pump Installation Kit
  • Carbon destruct cartridge
  • Ozone tubing and check valve
  • Venturi injector
  • Pressure differential check valve
  • Installation instructions
  • Mounting hardware

Recommended for the following Ozonators:

    • Del Ozone 25
    • Del Ozone 50
    • Del Ozone 100


    • MDV-10-04 for use with DEL Ozone 25/50/100
    • Removes bubbles from water
    • Prevents bubbles from disrupting pool surface
    • Prevents bubbles from building up under pool covers
    • Protects vinyl-lined pools from being oxidized by residual ozone dissolved in the water


    • Brand: DEL
    • Item: MDV Variable Speed Kit
    • Series: DEL Ozone
    • Product Category: Residential Pools
    • Sub Category: Water Sanitizers
    • Application: Indoor/Outdoor, Covered, & Vinyl Lined Pools
    • For Use With: DEL Ozone 25/50/100
    • Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
    • Size: 18" H x 5.5" D


      • The MDV-10-04 is designed to operate with dual speed and variable speed pumps.