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Product Description

»» Description:

Aquador Closure Plate for In-Ground Hayward Widemouth Skimmer

The 1085 Aquador Closure Plate works with a variety of Hayward in-ground widemouth skimmer models. The Aquador plate is a snap-on skimmer closure system that will eliminate your need to drain the pool water below your skimmer. The Aquador is also a great way to close off the skimmer in the case of a repair being completed somewhere in the equipment area.

»» Application:

Select Hayward Widemouth In-Ground Skimmers

»» Features:

Eliminates costly draining of water

Protects skimmer from winter freezing

Easy to install – no special tools required

Makes filter and plumbing repairs a snap

Outer dimensions: 18-1/4” w x 8-3/4” h

Inner dimensions: 15-1/8” w x 5-5/8” h

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